Remaking Donkey Kong Country!

In this topic I am going to be trying to make a playable remake of DKC in makecode arcade, but I can’t do it without your help.
If you aren’t familiar with DKC, look up some pictures of it and maybe watch a video
What makes it special is that the sprites are converted 3d renders, instead of pixel art, so I want to do the same thing.
If you are interested in helping, fill out the poll below

How would you like to help?
  • Music
  • Convert images into animations
  • Designing levels
  • Game mechanics
  • General programming

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Also, This doesn’t necessarily have to be Donkey kong, if everyone wants to, it could be a Donkey Kong country knockoff with our own characters.

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I do want to see it as a remake in 8 bit

maybe we should name it Donkey Kong: A New Journey


But do we have any part of the game?

Here is the first version of the game, so far I only have the walking animation, some physics, and a half of a small level.

I think I might need some help with the slopes though.


Those who are designing levels or converting images, It would be cool if you could make some tiles(8x8) for the plants in the background.

Try to use the color pallete I used in the V0.1 version, or design your own.(keep in mind DK needs 3 browns, but the darkest one can also be black)

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is this still happening

Not really. I’m waiting till I can work on my slope engine, and that will probably happen after coder king 2.