Requiem: Remastered Devlog

This is my devlog for Requiem: Remastered. I’m happy to say that I’ve started development. Any queries I have for the game I will post here.

I will note my devlogs won’t be extremely specific or detailed, they will just be notifications on my progress on the game or maybe any achievements I’ve done. Also because I don’t want to write a 500 word essay on a small update which I probably will do anyways.


Loving the honesty here


me too

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Devlog 1

production has started guys.

So today I started designing the main character, Note. I tried to stick with the original but it didn’t go the way I wanted it to, so I made some changes. By changes, I mean a lot of changes.

The whole game is based on @Lucas_M 's demo because I think he handled everything I did in Requiem Lost Station perfectly. This is why almost every single sprite will probably remind you of something in the demo. Mainly the player.

Note’s sprite

I’m currently working on the animations right now and after that, I think I might work on the animations or designs of some enemies based on the docs I had for one of my scrapped projects.

By the way, this game doesn’t directly follow the same plot as the Godot version and I might change plot twists or story elements. I have multiple documents of the lore and mechanics for various scrapped Requiem games so I’m sure I can come up with a decent narrative for this game.

word count: 181

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Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 5.04.56 PM

So your guy also has a robotic hand or is it a part of armer


Nah for the left hand its just armour. The right hand has an arm cannon.

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by the way i don’t mind if any of you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts or ideas!

working on devlog 2!

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Devlog 2

Hi guys. So sorry for the delay, but I want to say that I am still working on this, but I think I will continue what I said here Teaser! Requiem: Lost Station - #8 by personalnote instead of using @Lucas_M’s demo to cheat my way through the 8-directional aiming system.

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Hello everyone! 2023 is here now and I completely forgot about this. I got back into the swing of coding, but I’m currently using Godot.

So in short, yeah I’m not working on this. I literally like didn’t know where to start. I guess the moment I stopped using Makecode I just forgot how to use it like I used to.

I’m working on a Metroid puzzle game where you try to solve puzzles in order to gain upgrades “Metroidvania-style”. (e.g. oh you can’t do this puzzle? go here and do this puzzle, so you can get this upgrade, to go back and do the first puzzle) The final puzzle or battle involves freezing metroids in a specific order (probably like a staircase) to escape the station while a self-destruct timer goes down. I’m thinking and working more on mechanics so if you got any questions, feel free to ask!


Haha, who could’ve guessed, I stopped working on that as well. But I am working on a top-down Metroidvania titled Requiem: Infection Awaits and I plan to finish this in late July-early August. I have absolutely no plans to scrap this project unless it becomes too hard for my tiny brain.

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can you post the game for us to test?


you can’t because I’m making Requiem: Infection Awaits on Godot. Sorry about that.