Teaser! Requiem: Lost Station

I’m in the works of a game. A BIG game. This game is coded entirely in blocks (except when I need to go into javascript to get images) and is inspired heavily by Metroid (NES), Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Dread.

This game serves as a legacy reboot of my old game, Requiem. I couldn’t finish Requiem due to a lack of coding knowledge and the fact that the editor was crazy laggy. So since it’s a legacy reboot be sure to find some homages of Requiem and a lot of references!

Some features (There’s more):

  • 8-Directional Shooting
  • Weapon Switching
  • Mini-boss fights and boss fights

Things like the storyline and characters will have to wait. But feel free to speculate! (Hint: It’s inspired by Metroid, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Dread, so what could it be??)

It’s scheduled to launch on the Makecode Forums on December 8. It’s a long way ahead, I know, but I have a lot of planning and coding to do. Please note that this launch date may change.

And as a personal favour, I would ask of you to once you have completed the game casually, please, speedrun it.

Gameplay Reveal Trailer (Basically me just walking around (Sorry there’s no sound)):
Link to Video

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Happy B day @personalnote I like the teaser

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this looks like it will be really fun!

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Update: The game is unfortunately on hold as of March 6, 2022. The Makecode Arcade editor is unfortunately too laggy to continue coding the game. It took me about 10 minutes just to change 2 variable values. I’ve moved onto Godot for now (Learning GDScript with some tutorials) and hopefully, in the future, I can complete my vision and produce a worthwhile game for you all.

@richard I hope it’s okay if I could post some of my (Completed and Non-Tutorial-Based) Godot games (Which could take a long while) on the forum in the Show and Tell category?

the godot revival be like:

While I am still working on a big project right now, I am pleased to announce the revival of this game! With help of some tutorials and Godot docs, I can hopefully recreate my vision for this game with potentially even more features!

Features that have already been planned:

  • 8-Directional Shooting
  • Weapon Switching
  • Mini-boss fights and Boss fights

New features that could come in the Godot build:

  • New weapon variants (e.g. Shotgun-Esque firing mode)
  • Free Aim (Like in Metroid Dread)
  • Effects (Such as smoke, flashes, explosions, etc)
  • More enemy variety (e.g. Explosive enemies)

New features that will definitely come in the Godot build:

  • Better animation + smoothness
  • Better controls
  • Less laggy (higher FPS)

Please note in the ‘Features that have already been planned’ section, some features have been left out intentionally for the sake of not giving away everything about the game.

The launch date could be 12-18 months from now since production on the game is basically starting from the bottom up.

I don’t know if anyone is still waiting on the remake, but production on that has stopped, unfortunately.

There is some good news. Another sequel has been planned, named Requiem: Breakout. Again, the game serves as a legacy reboot and will contain references to the sequel and the original, and some games that inspired the creation of the franchise such as Halo and Metroid.

There is no deadline planned, but it might be released in 2023.

fully directional aiming will be included :slight_smile:

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in the meantime, i’m currently whipping up a little project of what it should’ve been, as in the CORE of the game.


  • Missile Pickup
  • 8 Directional Movement
  • some sort of morph ball ripoff

the project will be less detailed than the original just to make it easier for me to develop it.

You will see it as PROJECT: ______ when it releases. feel free to speculate what the project name could be. Even I don’t know what it could be

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how about “The Personal Gun”

Oh yeah on youre bio what is 8x8 studio?

and since WHEN THERE IS A TAG NAMED “Metroidvania”

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Good question, how did you add the ‘metroidvania’ tag?

you can add game tags to your projects and ‘Metroidvania’ is one of them

It’s my little game development studio that i run with my friend - we’re currently in the works of a big game which is why i haven’t really been working on projects in the editor recently

I have determined the name of the project and PROJECT: PERSONAL GUN is not the answer