RFID reader + servo motor

I’m trying to use an RFID extension board where when a valid RFID tag is read a servo motor actuates. The RFID scanner uses serial ports on P0 and P1 while the servo is on P2. Each works OK independently. But after the servo has been activated once, the reader stops reading the tags.
When I take out the servo motor and use a simple buzzer it works fine, ie the valid card is read and I can continually read the tags and activate the buzzer. But when I insert just one line to activate the servo, the RFID reader stops working until I reset the microbit.



Couple of questions if you don’t mind ?

What sort of servo are you using and
How are you connecting the servo to the MicroBit ?

Are you powering the servo directly off the MicroBit or using a seperate way of powering it ?

You say if you insert 1 line of code it RFID reader stops working - could we see your code please ?


I think I solved the problem. Its the usual one of needing to provide power to the servo from an external battery and not just from the microbit. I though the extension board would be able to handle it as it has dedicated 5V pins to supply the servo but it seems not.

Glad to hear you’ve solved it

In case others meet this problem would you be kind enough to let us know which extension board you are using?

Also sounds like a great project - are you planning on sharing it anywhere?