Right 2 Fight

This Will be a NEW Fighter game!!! Featuring Over 20 Fighters in Over 30 Maps! Please Vote For what you would like:

  • Game Mechanics (Story Mode, Character & Stage Select ETC.)
  • Characters (Character Animations And Attacks.)
  • Stages (Stage Backgrounds and destroyable Props.)
  • Battle System (Health Bar, Stamina Bars)
  • CPU (Code The CPU’S)
  • Multiplayer (Add the Ability For 2 Players.)
  • Training Mode
  • OR you can just give Suggestions!

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Will MakeCode Slam still be under development, or is this game instead of it?

Sadly i will work on both. And also for Makecode Slam i am Posting 1.4.3 1.5 and 1.6 in one update so it will take a long time.
I will post ver 1.4.3 in a little bit. so far i gotta finish @Opisticks Green The Stickman and also Gotta finish @personalnote’s Ghost character and add 2 more stages!


how about try working on 1 project and if you’re done with the 1st project work on the 2nd project

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