Ringtones plus chords plus "story"

The girls are getting more interested in music in Arcade, I made a stock program with extensions for “story” and @peli TTTL and several pages of ringtones in text; then I added the “chords” extension . The RTTTL shows up as a bubble under Music. Below is the code link plus a Google Drive doc. of 2 pages of ringtones . I split one long ringtone and added blocks of music chords in between the ringtone pieces to make it sound more like a song. They seem to like wolves so are making a story about a wandering wolf in Arcade: https://makecode.com/_RKLhYhRreFtm

There are thousands of ringtones and @peli has a link to a site with a .zip file of hundreds of pages but my G.Drive will not accept an un-zipped file that large so I am only sharing a few pages at a time: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fF-0O1bkNxKpS-WwwqlJqE9urOIetKkGQqs6ezJZAzk/edit?usp=sharing

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