Rpg help

im making an rpg and it has sideways stairs and i want it to be like pokemon firered where they move slanted up the stairs .if you dont know what i mean just go onto the game and when you go up the side stairs hold up and left at the same time and when going down hold the down and right buttons(i would like stairs like that withought having to press buttons like that,i also would like to know if theres a way of adding night and day. in this example i did if you press A or B it goes darker or brighter but i want that to be like every 5 seconds so when im making the game i can edit ti to be a resonable length,and lastly this will be a zombie game so i want other cpus aswell as the zombies but i want the cpus once overlapped with the zombies to then become a zombie too that will follow the main sprite.

if anyone can help with that i would be really gratefull and here is the following game.

Hi @Segatendo
I trid to find solution for your 3 questions:

I am nor very sure that my understand is right. Do you mean only left/right button, I guess. If so, add following blocks:

(And prev codes in the “forever” can be deleted)

Add following(with a new variable “hour”):

Set a zombie to cpu(with a image), with a chance 50% (or any logic you like), and add “on Enemy overlap Cpu” block as below:
(I moved these blocks setting animations into a function for calling them at different place. )

Hope these helps. Feel free ask me if have any question on these.

Here’s the project, check it for details please.


thankyou so much this is exactly what i needed you are a great help :slight_smile:

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question, which is the extension for the notifacations extension, and how do I find it?


You can use my list to find the extension links. (Just do a quick page search for the name) :slight_smile:

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Is this like a whole entire list of extensions you use a lot?

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i think just search notification extension on the forum

Yes! And I keep it updated!*

* -ish

URL for adding extension: https://github.com/unsignedarduino/notifications

or notifications in @UnsignedArduino 's Awesome Arcade Extensions list

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Wait, I tried to copy and paste on javascrpit, but it keeps telling me that spriteutils is missing. How do I fix this?

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It should automatically pull in arcade-sprite-util as a dependency. Can you share a photo?

Unfortunatly it didn’t, but that was because i did it in javascript, before i read README (like an idiot) But after i read it, i got it working, thanks!

thanks colethewolf this room looks great and is the kinda thing i was going for just didnt know how

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