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Runaway 2d 2.0 official release!

It’s finally here!

  • Much smoother gameplay
  • Better colors
  • Many rendering fixes
  • Camera fixes
  • Jump tweaks (you don’t jump as high)
  • Explore mode 1 more level and 1 level changed
  • Bug fixes
    I worked a long time on this update (days) and I like how it turned out. More levels in explore mode will come later (mostly because I like programming more than level design).

Debug version here
Optimized version for hardware here
Optimized version for hardware with debug here

In case you’re wondering, Runaway 2d is based on the flash game “Run.” (and Run 2 and Run 3), which is a 3d platformer that has levels that take place in tunnels, and your character is constantly running forward. The main gimmick is that when you hit a wall, the gravity shifts so that wall is the floor. The reason why I named my game Runaway 2d is because project Runaway 3d is a project that attempts to port Run 3 from flash to HTML5.

New more balanced optimized for hardware version here
Same version with debug here
NOTE: If on pc, play the version that doesn’t say optimized for hardware because it runs smoother! These versions are for hardware so it doesn’t run at 4 fps.