Runaway 2d (a demake of the Run. flash game) is FINALLY officially out! (after HOURS/DAYS of work!)

This took SOOOOOOOO long to get right, especially the gravity switches working correctly without one side getting mirrored



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This is realy fascinating! So cool that you made it properly, ik that 3d in JS on a 2d platform is a nightmare but you nailed it.


I used blocks

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WHOA. Now that is impressive

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Thanks! I always wanted to do something like this in makecode, but I just had the idea of how to do it recently, but it still took a while with MANY bug fixes. Here’s 1.1 with a softlock/level number being up forever and classic mode fix.

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Here’s 1.2, in which I worked a couple hours to figure out how to actually implement a pause menu that didn’t break the game, as well as a few bug fixes and the “infinite mode classic” is now very, very close to the original Run game’s classic mode, as it was kinda broken before. There’s a debug mode with the original makecode menu here. (Now the new menu is assigned to B button.) I just wanted the official 1.2 release to be more polished and not break when you click pause. Also the title is now a capital R.

Menu fixes:

Debug mode here

2.0 is here!

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The gravity switch is bugged. If we try to switch the gravity, the level will just restart.

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sometimes it does that on 1.0 if your device is slower. Try 1.1+, or 2.0 (link above your comment), and it’s much smoother and less buggy. Although whatever I try, I can’t get rid of the glitch where when you flip gravity, it makes a small gap in the tunnel (mostly visual, for some devices, its treated as an actual gap though)