Running multiple animations on a sprite

is there anyway I can stop an animation an run another. I have an animation logic system set up to do a run/walk animation whenever my Sprite moves in that direction. what I am trying to do it when A is pressed activate my sword attack animation but it seems like they both collide and glitch out due to my Sprite doing the running animation because its moving in that certain direction.

if anyone has any ideas that would be great, I have provided a screenshot and link of the code.

There is an animation extension that makes it easier:

Just click on advanced, click on extensions, paste this url above to the search bar in the extensions menu, and click on the one called “character-animations”

so with this extension what block would stop one animation and run the other?

im just seeing the change states.

There are other blocks that say “set state to”

In the Animation category there is a stop [all] animations on [mySprite]: