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My grade 12 students created an SDG Arcade with Arcade MakeCode to focus the player on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. As hardware the Cardboard Panel with a RaspberryPi 0 was selected. The casing is a modified Instructable with the earth and a cloud with a large pixel rainbow on top. Every rainbow pixel consists of a RGB LED, a square with one of the SDGs and an upcycled juice box, which is coated with tin foil inside that works like a reflector for the light. Every SDG game illuminates the corresponding SDG pixel in the rainbow, if it is won. If all games are achieved, the rainbow is illuminated in different colors and virtual confetti falls down in the main menu.
The communication between the SDG games and the Arduino Nano that controls the RGB LEDs is done with a serial communication. The main menu is a modified Arcade MakeCode project from @peli on Github. He also gave me the hint on how to activate the serial communication in Arcade MakeCode. Thanks!

Fun fact 1: Most of the components are upcycled: Juice boxes from waste, Acrylic glass from old garden house window, shelf board from old kitchen, TFT monitor from electronic waste, RGB LEDs from christmas fairy lights. Even the SDG logos are plotted from old sticker leftovers.

Fun fact 2: Just 16 games exist, because the students argued that if you achieve all 16 SDGs you’ve achieved SDG No. 4 also (“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”).

I hope you enjoy their work!

A short technical demo

The final animation in the dark


Wow, that video in the dark looks awesome!!

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That is a cool machine

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Great news about the SDG Arcade project:
The team reached the 2nd place at Hack The Summer and won a special price at the Deutscher Multimediapreis MB21!
Application video and laudation are in German:


Wow, great job! Congratulations to the team!

Great job. Congrats to the team.

Thanks a lot!

I’ll forward it!