Secret boss needed for game!

I’m making a multiplayer RPG for my new game! I need ideas, so I’ve put up a poll. I want at least 1 cameo to one of my favorite games, so I’ve given several ideas. Vote for your favorite!

  • Mettaton from Undertale (default)
  • King Dedede from Kirby
  • The Arch-Illager from Minecraft Dungeons
  • King Bob-omb from Super Mario 64
  • Your choice: reply below.

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Sundowner from Metal Gear Rising!




(cue Megalovania)


Sans?! Related question: Do you wanna have a bad time?

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Ravenbeak from Metroid Dread or Ridley (from Metroid)

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how about btd6 bloonarius

Oh boy… I thought about putting Sans on the list, but… boy, he’d be tough to code. Nice quote though. (I’ll make a Sans easter egg/cameo in my game, but not as a boss.)

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Ridley’s a great idea!!! But the pixel art is a whole 'nother planet. Oh yeah, you just spoiled Metroid Dread for me. :frowning: If you get me some (relatively) good pixel art, I’ll certainly get him in!

Sorry, although the idea is tempting, I don’t want to put cameos for other characters from Mature rated games into my project. The boss battle is a pretty good idea, but my game doesn’t really need that kind of blood. Thanks for sharing, though!

It’s official: King Bob-omb from Mario 64 is going in my game, as well as a “small” Sans cameo/easter egg! Thanks for everyone for participating! (If any of you still have suggestions, I’ll read them.)
The ever-classic gameplay of throwing the giant bomb king will, sadly, not be added by me, and King Bob-omb will NOT appear in the demo of my game. Sans, however…

EVERYONE’S GONNA HAVE A relatively GOOD TIME with the demo. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You could just remove the blood? I don’t think it matters that much. Also, it was more of a joke than anything

Ok, but I just closed the poll. :frowning: Sorry if I offended you by that. You do have a point… :thinking: Maybe I could “replicate” the battle instead of copying it. However, as of right now my characters don’t have projectile attacks, so I’ll have to code that in to be an omage to MG:R. Either way, I haven’t played that specific Metal Gear title, so I’ll look into it and see what I can do.

Oh yeah, for everyone who participated in the poll, you guys’ll be in the beta credits!!!

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Thanks for :heart:ing Sarge!

im so sorry! ;(

Its okay, he looked like a raven anyway.

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