Serious performance degradation on the PyGamer over the last months

After a couple of months I got back the this game that I developed:

I opened it and downloaded it to the PyGamer. After starting to play on the PyGamer I realized that the game gets horribly slow as soon as many sprites are on the screen (grab some green P powerups and keep shooting by holding the B button and you’ll see…). I didn’t have this issue when I last built and downloaded the game a couple of months ago, as it was running smoothly. I didn’t do any serious code changes since then and I didn’t upgrade the firmware of the PyGamer. I always used arcade beta.

Here’s a a binary for the PyGamer from the 11th of May that still does work and is perfectly playable:!AudUw1FVPYdzteozwVO_j990akg7_g

And here’s a binary that got built on the 1st of September that gets slow “under load”:!AudUw1FVPYdzteo0p1cZyDwAP39PFA

Any ideas, when and where this performance regression could have been introduced?

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Thanks for sharing this, I’ve filed an issue for this:

We made some updates to our physics calculations so it seems likely we introduced a regression during that. Sorry about that!

Tell me when I can help testing or debugging things.

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