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Servo support at - pins vs servo extension

I’ve found some ‘servo’ support in both:

However the ‘Servo’ extension doesn’t work, no Blocks appear:

That might be user error. However the inclusion of servo features in both Pins and Servo seems confusing. It previously was attempted to be taken out of Pins, but put back: , and then later the Servo extension appeared anyway

What do people use for Servos? Should I make a github issue for this? (Maybe two - the duplication of functionality, and that Servo extension doesn’t show the blocks).

(I’ve only used , not tried running locally yet.)

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Did you ever find an answer to this question? I’m also trying to use makecode with an Adafruit device (both Metro M0 express and Feather M0 express) and servos and wondering the same thing.

The servo extension offers more servo features - like support for continuous rotation servos - but the servo menu is empty after installation in projects for both metro m0 express and feather m0 express.

No, I didn’t touch the Metro M0 Express for a while, I started to use a Crickit instead. I do have a local dev environment now (used for ) so if I use the Express again maybe I can debug the servo extension.

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:+1: I picked up a Crickit as well, so definitely will lean into that for servo stuff

Was just hoping to get some more mileage out of a few older boards I had around.

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