Simulator Resolution

I note the target screen resolution for the hardware devices is 160x120. While all of them are currently 160x128 this is apparently to allow for easy/pleasant 320x240 upscaling.

The resolution of the simulator in Chrome on Windows varies but never matches an integer multiple of the target resolution. This makes screen grabs for the whole simulator/editor look a bit off particularly when using certain fine patterns.

This is the resolution in order as the window is reduced in width:

  1. 311x233
  2. 188x141
  3. 214x161

I measured those by hand in an image editor quickly but I think they are within +/- 1 pixel. What’s the thinking behing those resolution choices? I’m also curious why the simulator device section goes smaller but then gets bigger!?

The first is shown below (as a new user I can only add one):


I’ll admit my “test card” image could be better, that’s 10 seconds of scrawl in the builtin editor :slight_smile:

Screen grab 2:


Screen grab 3:


Another peculiarity here is the simulator device gets a little bigger if, for example, the user clicks on the reset button. It changes to 328x246.