What's the plan on how to support higher resolution displays?

I’ve read the current use of 160x120 (rather than the physical 128) is to support 320x240 in the future. I’m wondering how well existing code will work when the resolution changes.

Tutorials like Chase the Pizza specifically use 160 and 120 values. Some code may use the screen width and screen height variables to derive positions on the screen. The current physics engine also uses pixels per second as a measurement.

What’s the plan for supporting higher resolutions? Is there a good practice guide for developers on how to future proof their code for this eventuality?

On a slightly related note, I’ve previously raised the issue that the simulator does not default to integer mulitples of the screen resolution like Scratch does Simulator Resolution.


And for Chase the Pizza, were the random ranges intended to be 8 to 152 and 8 to 112?

The resolution in game will not change. However, we support rendering the games to screen with higher definitions (eg. 4:3 screen like ILI9341 or just about any screen using Rpi0).

To be clear, each pixel is just drawn as four physical pixels on 320x240. It looks great!

When will a 320x480 resolution be supported? :smirk: