Skribe! Regular mode

If you like speedruns, then this is the game for you!

Wassup guys, @WinterIsComing here, and this is my second ever game on the Forum!

In this game, you play as a person called Skribe, and you have to finish all the levels to complete the game!

There are fireballs and Death Birds and of course the infamous Stinger, the chief Death Bird so be sure to avoid them!

Collect the hearts, energy boosts, and get through the pink teleporters to become your way as the best Skribe player in existence!

Hope you guys enjoy as this took weeks to make! Be sure to give your feedback!

(Notes: A/Z is to use energy; There’s an energy glitch that makes you have infinite boost; Speedrun mode coming soon!)


I love the concept, this is ADORABLE!!! I do have one question, I keep dying first level- how do I get around the fireballs? can i hurt them?


You can’t hurt them or avoid them, you just need to tank the hits, then hope and pray they won’t get you


Ok guys! What do you think of the game?


I LOVE IT(hadto)