Slope collision test

donic the hedgeduck


Awesome! I did something similar a while ago but I never ended up packaging it up.


It’s not letting me view the code.
How did you make the wheel of platforms turn so smoothly?
Did you use sin cos tan?

Yep! The formula looks something like this:

x = cx + Math.cos(game.runtime() / 1000) * radius
y = cy + Math.sin(game.runtime() / 1000) * radius
  • cx, cy is the center of the circle
  • radius is distance from the center
  • 1000 is just to convert the runtime into seconds. Make that number bigger to rotate slower, and smaller to rotate faster

In blocks, you can find the runtime in the game toolbox. It’s the one that says time since start (ms).


This really helps. :relaxed:

So do this on a game update every ___ ms?

Yep, but if you want it to be smooth then you should probably just use an on game update (no interval)


How did you make many platforms? How did you make a sprite stick to them?

Ah, that’s tougher. I made my own custom physics engine for that demo. This is not something that you can do in blocks.

Basically, every platform is a “mini tilemap” with its own collisions defined. I also store a list of “riders”, which are sprites that have landed on the platform. When I move the platforms, I also move all of the riders for that platform. A sprite stops being a rider when thy no longer collide with it anymore.

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Okay, that seems a bit to difficult for me. :laughing:

I made this :confused:

like i copied it
and it got deleted somehow

Umm this is too cool


I think your code is awesome, and makes a good use tiles and a tile map. I found an issue that places donic outside the game (see screenshot below)


I think it has to do with the code within the sprite.overlap functions and specifically:

sprite.y += -5

The player sprite can fall out of the screen when moving down a slope, right at the ‘corner’ of the slope (so where the flat tile meets the sloping tile) It happens at both sides. At this point the code does not see that the player overlaps a tile sprite and is sent hurtling down the screen.

Wait, is it possible to make a 1x1 tilemap extension? Maybe call it micromaps.

This came up in another thread some time ago but the physics engine in arcade really can’t support 1x1 tilemaps. It would be way too slow, unfortunately.

That being said, I know @GameGod was working on something: 1x1 tilemaps

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