Starship Model Build, Microbit controller videos

We are assembling a 3D printed Starship model (static table-top display) and will animate it with actuators, like servos and neopixel LED lights. Videos on YouTube. We are using Yahboom robotic parts to demonstrate an omni-tread (Mecanum) wheel transporter to move parts at the “shipyard” as we watch the real deal being built via live video feed from Boca Chica, Texas: also on YouTube. I add links to parts and code in the description of each video: here’s an introduction to our transporter:


We are making progress finishing and assembling the Starship model. Now called the “Starship Fantasy Factory” . The Micro:bit is controlled with iPhone, Android phone, “game handle” which is Microbit to Microbit and we would like to include IR with on old TV remote. I try to put code links and links to parts in the description of each YouTube video. We can also watch the real deal live on LabPadre Youtube channel in Boca Chica, TX. Anyone who thinks they might like to help out with this project is welcome. Here’s our latest video:

15 year old Phillip has designed a bot car tug and a trailer, uses the Yahboom ‘game handle’ as a controller to drive the bot car with Yahboom Superbit power expansion board and another Micro:bit. We set up our Android and iPhone cell phones to do the coding and can download that code via Bluetooth to the Micro:bits.

Proof of concept demo video of ultrasonic on modified Yahboom 2 wheel bot car with Microbit. Strange that the iOS app. from Yahboom uses a .hex file which cannot be downloaded via bluetooth to the Microbit but the .hex file must be loaded via USB cable. Also, the .hex file does not seem to compile but can be dragged onto the Microbit drive icon on the computer . I do not know if this is so with the android .hex to phone app file. We will try adding more code to the .hex file and see if that still works with Mbit extension. video: code and links to parts are included in description of video.

Video of using SD Wireless to communicate between Kittenbot’s Meowbit with SD card and Micro:bit. The card is for communication, not for storage, as far as I know. We are not using a JADAC cable now between Arcade consoles (for the time being) but we now can use SD Wireless to send signals between these devices. I will post more videos as we investigate and develop this communication. The power expansion boards shown only give power, the code does not run through the extensions for the electronics on these boards, as yet. Please note: “wireless” is not via internet but via “radio” . I will post the code for this soon.Thanks Ivan Bosnic for sending me the hardware (sd wireless cards) ! ! !
the Video: