Video: Chloe builds a Helicopter, Micro:bit, Lego Technic, Yahboom Super:bit motor driver

The code to connect and control the Micro:bit with Mbit cell phone app is in the description of this video: It works with both Micro:bit V1 and V2 and iOS cell phone. We do not have it working with Android as yet to control the 2 wheel helicopter. Chloe assembled this helicopter in about 1.5 hours with the assembly workbook by Yahboom. She is 12 yr old and had no adult assistance. Link to kit in description.

Micro:bit spinning hat for Dash by Wonder Workshops , Video: Teachers may find it interesting that we can add Lego Technic parts, motors and RGB LEDs to Dash via Super:bit motor driver and Micro:bit with BST M-Bit app, as shown :