All projects deleted

So this isn’t recent but about last year? I realized all my Arcade MakeCode projects were gone after not visiting the site. This annoyed me so I took a break from MakeCode. I only had some projects stored on my pc, if I can recover them then please tell me how, and if not I’d like to know how this could’ve happened.

I used the Google Chrome Browser if it becomes relevent.

I think it relates to cookies :confused: I have had the same problem before- do you have the links of your games or did you save them?

I’m very sorry to hear that!

All of your projects are stored locally in you browser. If you switch browsers or you clear your computer’s history (including the data stored on websites), you will lose the projects you are working on. Did you download or share your projects at any point? If so, you can import them back into the editor.

We have some new features coming to prevent this. In the meantime, make sure you save your projects locally or share them. When you download a project, you can drag the PNG or UF2 file into the arcade window to import the project.


No, I relied on the browser saving. It be because of Google automatically deleting the cookies or data on the website after some time.

I’m happy that the team is working and features to prevent this, and yes I think they were stored on my browser.

Hi Coolboy,
I just had something similar happen to me, only it was 1 project that was deleted, not all projects. Did you end up somehow recovering your projects? If so, can you tell me how you did it?

Nope never recovered them