Students missing projects, or, missing parts of code suddenly

Hi! I teach game design and use Makecode Arcade heavily in class. Yesterday, I saw and experienced significant “glitches” in the editor - tilemaps suddenly disappearing, blocks not deleting, blocks duplicating randomly, and entire projects vanished.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve reached out to the Makecode team on Twitter as well, as my classes are down to the wire and one student lost weeks of work. I’m hoping it can be restored to his account.

@gumtowgames I’m so sorry this happened. It’s heartbreaking to lose your work. Looking at the accounts you shared with us privately, the projects we have stored for them all appear to be valid. I wonder, if your student logs into MakeCode from another machine, do they get their projects back?

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We tried that, and it’s not there. For the one student, his project of there, but all of the art he created, and the detailed tilemap, disappeared from it. The code’s there, though.

Thanks for helping!

@gumtowgames I have had similar issues with my student work. I always tell them to make sure to save backup links after every coding session. This could help you get through the end of the year and avoid some of these frustrating situations.

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I just wanted to loop back on this and let everyone know we got @gumtowgames situated. Thank you so much for reporting! We’re looking into our system to see if we can figure out what caused the issues and get them fixed as quickly as possible.

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