📢 Submit your Weekly Topic™ ideas!

Hey everyone, it’s me again! I wanted to say I wanted to explain where Weekly Topic™ is going next, and that will in fact be decided by YOU!

I want to focus on some other projects (community, MakeCode and other real-life projects) and that will make dedicating my time to this harder. For that reason, I want to let the community continue this. For now, you guys can only suggest themes, but in future I might select a member of the community to run this completely.

So please, leave your ideas in the replies below! I also want to note that the weekly topics will from now on adopt a set in stone format, where I’ll no longer include my answer to the topic, only the question. That way, producing these posts will be a lot easier since I could just copy-paste each topic. I might still leave my answer in the replies of that topic, though.

The future WT post format

Here’s the format I’ll be using from now on (the message on top and my answer have been removed)

This week’s (current week's date element) topic is

This week’s topic goes here
Leave your answers below!

Additional information

Like I was saying, I’ll still be hosting these (for now), but with your ideas, so leave them below. Also, please keep in mind that by leaving your ideas below, I don’t guarantee that your idea will be featured in the next weekly topic (or ever!), and I’ll only be choosing topics that I deem fit for this, and/or find interesting.

This is also not a queue, and ideas will be prioritized by how much I like them, not in which order they were posted. People who beg and plead for their ideas to be added, or get upset if they’re not will be permanently blacklisted from submitting ideas (all of their future ideas will be ignored).

Phew, well that was a long post. If you’re reading this, leave a cookie in your reply as well so I know you guys actually read all of these walls of text I write (sorry :joy:). As a final word, this will be open from now on, so you can submit as many ideas as you’d like, whenever you like! I hope to see you in the replies, cheers!


:cookie: Some ideas:

  • What is your wierdest decoration in your room or house?
  • Do you have any collections? (Ex. Coin collections, stickers, rocks)
  • What is your favorite store?

You could do favorite video games


:cookie: Heres my Ideas

  1. Whats your favorite candy?
  2. Whats your Morning Routene

Funny thing is, that actually WAS the planned theme, so you guessed it! :smiley: