Super Mario Bros 3 Remake

back again
so yeah basically my idea is remake super mario bros 3 in makecode (maybe the entire game or a super mario bros 3+)
what we got now

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I always wanted to do this, but there are so many levels and mechanics in Mario 3 that it almost seemed impossible. Maybe a collab will be able to accomplish this though! I might be able to help with programming and maybe even the world map.

yeah, but world map is very easy to make

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@ursoalph it’s actually harder than you think.

true :roll_eyes:

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I agree
and whenever I program, I go for a long time and make my fingers hurt

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Cause i use a trackpad not a mouse

I got a ton of sprites done but big Mario is not working

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Super Mario Bros 3 (


There is a problem in “on sprite kind Player overlaps otherSprite of kind mushroom” block.
You need to delete animation here and add block to change mySprite scale by 0.3.

how can i help game

I want to help

Mario needs to be FIXED not THICK!

is this topic dead?

eh i hope not

If you need any help with mario. I am actually making one myself

Sorry if this topic is dead