Super mario bros. (fan-made) v 3.0no

was bored so i added a new level
leave suggestions in the comments !:heart:

Cool game. I noticed when I started the second level that I could just much higher. Maybe that had something to do with the way I jumped on the flag on the previous level.

Some other things you could try, are coins that spawn from the boxes when you hit them from underneath.

You might want to add an extra block so that tiny Mario can jump out this situation.

Get the mushroom

I know. If Mario didn’t get the mushroom there is no way of getting out. You have to reset the game.
I like your game so much I added random coins appearing at the ? tiles. I also added lives, but couldn’t get the player to lose a life when falling out of the level.

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Thank you , I will fix the soft lock, and will use ur code thank you for helping me


This. Is. AWSOME!