Templates in Tutorials

I am creating a user tutorial and it would like to take advantage of starting using a template. When I use the tutorial tool linked in the docs it works fine. But when I copy that code into it’s own github project, it doesn’t work. Here is the link to the github project: https://github.com/schoolwidelabs/test-templates.

No template code shows up.

I’m using this link to load the tutorial following the instructions for creating a User Tutorial in the docs.

Unfortunately, the “template” feature has not yet been ported to the microbic released editor. It works in beta
https://makecode.microbit.org/beta#tutorial:https://github.com/schoolwidelabs/test-templates but is not supported yet in the official editor.

Thanks! That works for me. Do you anticipate that it will be integrated into the released editor at some point?

It will be integrated in our yearly update.