Test Arcade Game

When I press the right button for example, the player doesn’t head to the right side immediately.

Also, when I press the left button and after some ms I release it, my character is animated as he still moves to the left even if I have released the left button. It doesn’t happen with the rest move buttons.

Moreover, I want my character to be animated, while he uses his sword or shield (A and B button respectively) even when he is stationary. For now he is animated only when I move and use the A or B button. My code for this is in the orange blocks to the right hand side.

This is my code: https://arcade.makecode.com/S34570-14289-56605-84829

I think a lot of your problems will be solved by using the arcade-character-animations extension:


With that extension you can make it so that the sprites animate using simple rules like “facing left” or “facing right”:

Also it looks like you are manually checking for overlaps inside of a forever. It’s much easier to use overlap events:

Also, here’s a trick I use to code sword/shield type games:

So before every animation that I have right now in my code, I just use the animation extension that you sent me? Also, by saying that I check manually the overlaps, you mean the “if” that I use?

yes, exactly! The overlap event blocks are more efficient and easier to use than checking overlaps with if statements in a bunch of places. They also guarantee that your overlap code will run at the right time in the game loop