The best sonic game in makecode history!

its a laggy game that can be played with 2 players.
its the best one! every sonic game i played here is not that good, full of glitches, and more!
but mine? its amazing! also you can do your fangames with it! just give ecredit.

You just said it’s laggy… You don’t even explain the controls. How do you play if you don’t explain the controls? I’m not trying to be a bad sport but the rest I’ve played are better then this one in my opinion… So, maybe patch it and explain the controls and I may change this.

Thank you,

Please dont put negetive comments on other games

i understand you but you’re technicaly sayin that your game is better than everyones sonic game


did you follow this rules if yes then ok if no try to change

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Agreed try to put less code it may be the reason

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controls are simple b spindash a jump arrows move also are you sure about your opinion? also its not that hard to understand a is jump b is spindash arrows are move

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I think he is sure bcz i also agree

ok i was excited about my game but i cant edit the post then how am i supposed to do it?

fine then…
well everyon has that feeling but dont go override

dang that’s some overconfidence.

it would be much easier to post the controls for everyone to see and get comfortable with

I’ve noticed your replies on my game. With all due respect, that’s some big talk for a Sonic game engine. Please don’t diss other people’s work in Makecode Arcade.

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