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update! (i cant edit posts so sadly i must do this)

spindash fixed,

a normal level1!! (also a signpost and a 1 lil act)

next update will be rings, and badniks.

made with [insert babol dnd skills here] in makecode arcade.
by babil20111


This is awesome, keep working on it. Also, I would suggest you try changing the color palette to fix the coloring issue with Sonic’s sprite.

Here’s some good info about it:

sorry :confused:

it is an AMAZING game tho but ive just spent every weekend for weeks and weeks working on sonic games trying to make them and no one seems to really acknowledge them at all

the art is good and all ,like really good but it crashes so so much it s basically impossible to play and ive made many sonic games on this forum with rings loss art from google enemies animations i spent hours on and posted them on this forum so its not really nice to say that the other sonic games arent that good when in making my sonic games i (credited when used) taken spin dashes ring loss and hitboxes from other users on this forum and many of the sonic games on this forum are impressive

yeah sorry for that, i cant edit it if i was then i would change it

problem is that i cant add colors, if it was possible then i would use custom palette

The game runs reeeeeeeeally slowly.
I don’t really think its the best.

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