The Biggest Smash Bros Game

I played against an insane bot

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Things I have planned for the future:

  • 3-4 Player control support

The thought of You and the BOIS just hopping into a DISCORD call While having a Full-on BATTLE ROYALE in Pixel Smash is Pretty funny to me :rofl:


This one is a BIG Possibility. I know Adding 4 PLAYER controls sounds Time consuming, but A STORY MODE would probably take a few Months.


This sounds pretty cool and all, But also sounds pretty hard and annoying to code. It might also come out pretty buggy.


You know how in Smash Bros you can select Player 1 as a bot and watch two AI’s fight each other? Well I plan on adding that to Pixel Smash. It would take a while though.

I have to think about some of these but in the mean time, here’s some things you should Expect soon:

  • Ranking up (Since it uses settings, updating the game will erase your rank so be aware :sweat_smile:)

  • Better Effects

  • Lots of Bug fixing

  • Stage Hazards


:fire: :fire: :fire:
Doodle Noodle looks great with the cartoon style!


Yoooo it looks sick!

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Is that… is that Appius I see?!

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yooo!!! this looks insane @PixelDoodle !

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ooh 3-4 player mode

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So is there gonna be a new character introduced every chapter or something?

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My game broke
Doodle Noodle is too good for Blastbox

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We call that a skill issue-
Nah JK, if you know how to play him he’s super OP, and what I’m saying is it’s really not that hard!

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If you make a story mode, could you make my character Copperman
the champion? That would be really cool!

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That’s exactly what I had planned for a story mode

Can I code in a character?

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Character name: chin chang.
Character speed: fast.
Character image: (here are all the animations)
Character attacks: A: punches the enemy, A + Run: does a drop kick. B: creates a circle like the Yin-Yang that stays in the place in wich it was created (disappears after a few seconds), B + L/R: shoots a projectile with the form of the Yin-Yang. B + Up: shoots a projectile that goes down after a few moments, A + midair: chin chang spread his arms and foot while going down at a fast speed.

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(i forgot about this) the character is calm and can change his personality very quick but is normally very friendly. when he isn’t doing anything he sits down and meditates in a calm place.

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Sorry Bro. you came too late for a character in the game, But you can submit a character for the BOOK!

If you know how sure!

the description of the character is there.

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No problem!

I wanna be innthe book!