The cheapest version of 2-Player Smash Bros you'll ever see

Credit to @JazzyBurrito and @Purp13 for making the base demo
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P1 - WAS (Up, Right, and Left Arrow Keys) to move, E to shoot a normal power beam, S (Down Arrow Key) to shoot a special power beam
P2 - IJL (Up, Right, and Left Arrow Keys) to move, U to shoot a normal power beam, K (Down Arrow Key) to shoot a special power beam


  • Do not press the down arrow key in the menu, otherwise the game will crash.
  • If you move backwards while shooting, you will fire a beam that will send the other player towards you (Use it to your advantage).
  • You can double-jump.
  • The higher your percentage is, the more stronger the knockback you receive will be.

so the code error at the begining is because the game doesn’t know that the game has started/characters selected. make a start variable set it to 0 when the second player has selected their character then set that variable to 1 so that when the down and up button are pressed the game won’t have an error

1 Like here it is

ah, thank you. i was wondering what was going on with that.

very nice and quack

Hey! This is really cool! I got a bit lazy with this project after a few tries and it’s nice to see someone else make something out of it.

no worries! sometimes, once people drop or cancel some projects, I like to finish them up

does this work on hardwares with jacdac connecter?

and if so how can you make it so each player has there own camera so one player can be one end of a map withought the other being in the screen

sorry i have no idea

That requires either an entirely different screen or the use of a split-screen, which is a feature i’ve yet to implement. and honestly, I have no idea how to do that.

oh ok well i might be getting a pygamer soon so if i do ill test this out on the meowbit anf pygamer and let you know if there are any ways of doing this maybe


split screen extension was made