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The Fable of Zelba

This is my first project! I maybe bit off more than I could chew, but here it is. Help Dink save Princess Zelba and defeat GAMMON! This game features a mix of open world, and platform levels, 5 fairly difficult bosses, and I pretty much used every popular extension. Thanks to all the info on the forum, the Makecode team and their videos and code. I took code from here and there (mateo, maybe some from the Serpent game from Unsigned Arduino, and the mouse zelda in the makecode youtube channel). Here’s the permanent link. It will get updated when I find new bugs and add new features.

Tip to play: Go talk to the people at the town. There are strategies for every level and boss.
Controls: WASD or arrows, A is for sword/talk/cannon, B is for shooting with the bow.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments. Gracias!


Amazing! Took me a bit, but i showed gammon what for.


Thanks, Richard. I am very impressed you beat it that fast. I was drastically fixing bugs in the last hour, too. You must have played some Zelda. Gammon has a little trick…

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I really love how you are doing things! I myself am making a Makecode version of Ocarina of Time (But I’m cutting the main dungeons, so you basically only can run around, explore, and if you want, fight ganon at the castle. If people really want the dungeons I can add them). I am having a bit of trouble with enemy knockback but it seems that you handled it perfectly! You don’t mind if I took some of your code, right?


my favorite video game character is dink now


of course. The enemy knockback stuff i took from the youtube videos. They used it in the mouse rpg they made, and I think somewhere else as well. I think the most underrated extension is the sprite data extension. I used it a lot so I could put fields on every sprite (like all the monsters and the player). The knockbock on a player is an advantage as well, because it will save you mostly.


How did you make the projectiles in the Gammon fight?


I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but it’s as above. I found the ‘following’ formula in this forum, and used that code. What I changed was adding in the x offset and y offset, so that gammon hits the ball from his sword rather than from inside the middle of his body, and it’s also reflected in the angle, so that he aims properly. The pingpong argument was specifically for the gammon fight, in the other fights when I used this function I’d set it to just 0, so it wasn’t being used. The Gammon fight uses the pingpong because you ping pong the fireball back at him with your sword, which is a seperate sprite.

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that’s cool!

isn’t loading to me

if you’re talking about the code then yes the code takes a very long time to load. And even when you try to edit it it’s extremely laggy. But I don’t really see any problems with the game itself loading from the Github page. Also, there is a part in the beginning where you have to wait for a moment before seeing the title and then pressing a to start the game.

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you got that right. When editing this game, it got slower and slower as I went on. I had to keep the emulator closed most of the time, and also stop using altogether the cloud saving, because it saves way too often. Using github to commit changes was a good idea, because it’s pretty easy to corrupt a project this size if you open too many browsers, or open the project in multiple browsers. There is some spaghetti code in here, and I could probably eliminate a few hundred lines with better coding, but whatever.