[Announcement] MakeCode Arcade Ocean Jam Results

Hey folks!

Last month we wrapped up our fourth game jam: Ocean Jam! We received a ton of amazing submissions this time around; the whole team had a blast playing the games and we had a tough time choosing our favorites.

We announced our winners today on the MakeCode Show and Arcade Advanced Stream. You can watch @livcheerful, @jwunderl, @darzu, @shakao, and I play all of these games here. Without further ado, here they are!

First Place

The three brave cats by @Lucas_M

Second Place

The Jolly Dodger by @andrew-ski

Third Place

War Subs by @GameGod

Honorable Mentions

Sea Wolf by Roberto

An Ocean Mystery by @dreadmask197

Soggy Socks by @andrew-ski

dugong peace game by @edubsky

Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean by @unsignedarduino

Caballito saltarin by Blanca

The little fishing boat by Cristina

Migration Man by @GameGod

Sam the Scuba Diver by DuckmanTheCoder

Fish Life by RetroDude128

Nautical Game by @omnisImperium

fish bot by the_pro551

In the depths by Thomas


I couldn’t make it, I had school, but, hey, I got third!


Wow, I’m surprised I even got honorable mentions!

Congrats to @Lucas_M for 1st place! Well deserved.


Same here


Glad you enjoyed Soggy Socks and the Jolly Dodger! I had fun and learned A LOT building them. If you beat the Jolly Dodger, let me know. Nobody I’ve forced it on has had the patience to get to the boss level.

I also spent way too much time playing these ocean jam games… Shout out to GameGod, Roberto and CosmicCowboy. It looks like I need to put some time into Three Brave Cats.


Thanks @richard and everyone who’s contributed to MakeCode arcade – that was a seriously fun jam! I’m looking forward to the next one

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Thanks Andrew. I am quite proud of how Shark Frenzy was made, especially with the different animations, the unique ‘attacking’ sprite overlap, and the high scores at the end of the game. I had definitely killed way too much time playing it as well last year.
You have surely worked hard on your games, the game play is fun, the results have deservedly paid off.

I have to agree with you here, this was a great Jam and it has produced many different and interesting games.