The RPG called G a m e

Hello guys so I have been working on a game called g a m e and i’m having trouble as i do have experience as a dev on both scratch, and makecode arcade. but even with that I have been having trouble with development and maybe if someone would like to help it would be a big help as I have been dealing with stuff and not having time to work on my game. this is also sorta a show and tell topic and i’m sorry for the essay but, if you would like to help I will pick three people and the part will be open till Oct 31 so act fast if you would like to help.
and finally… here is the game… (NOTE: it is not in the most stable phase so stuff is unfinished/buggy so look out for that) anyway guys that’s all :slight_smile:


Nice title

i am willing to help but i might not always be free.

Yeah didn’t know what to name it lol

what is the game supposed to be like, is it a surviving gathering resources like minecraft survival plus rpg aspects or what? It is a good base i just want to know more to help as best as possible. i tried it out and i could remove grass trees and doors and then replace them with a different key.

Well, its basically minecraft but with story bits put in as well as tutorials. the old man is a example of a tutorial

cool, that sounds interesting and I am happy to help however i can on this game

okay! sounds cool!

Anyone know how to make a inventory? I want it to be able to hold more then one of a item (Like Minecraft) in a players inventory. anyone know how to do it? it would be super useful

in my pixel place game i made it so you can cycle through preset items but with some variables it could be inventory changes as you play. i used indicator sprites changing image as items changed that had super fast speed going down to the left and down to the right but stay in screen so they were trapped in the corners of screen.
i think you were on the sandbox games category i started with my game on it.

huh intersting :slight_smile:

g a m e