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The spy platformer (ft. Agent 14)

Please, do not try to look at the code. If you truly want to play, do not look at the code as it contains the password. The voice talking to you is Noob123, you are Agent 14, and you try to stop Fischer Brown. All characters are part of my book, S Force.


What a entertaining stealth/spy game! Also, your code is very concise. Nicely done.

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This game is amazing!

Excellent use of the lantern extension and I love the stealth mechanics! Also love that each level begins with a bit of text; really helps to fill out the mood of the game. Some suggestions:

  • The moving guard was my favorite! It would be really cool to have a bunch of them. If you set the “bounce on walls” flag on the guard then they will keep moving even if they hit a wall
  • I didn’t know I was supposed to be looking for password parts and had to go through again to figure it out. Maybe you could mention it at the beginning of the game?

Really awesome game, I had a lot of fun playing it!

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Hey @richard, I did set it to bounce but it did not work. Also, the password was meant to be a secret to troll.

Also could you please feature this? Please and thanks.

@richard, the guards now work with bouncing.

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good job but could you put in more moving guards?

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Have you instead tried not using B? It is definitely a challenge.

nice game!

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Dude this make me fell like a real agent

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