Tilemap designs

I need help designing 98 tilemaps for a game



it is an 100 level game but I only made 2

bruh i have a stage but it may not be for your game

wait is it like boss rush and it has like 100 more stages? or its a platformer and stuff like that
my tiny brain can’t handle this

it is a platformer

            oh hmmmmmmmmmmmm

can anyone help with:

  • tilemap design
  • background design

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the poll will close in 2 days

Here are 3 more levels I made for you, Cbomb. I also changed a little bit about the game. https://makecode.com/_iVbi8ecyJMgj

Can’t you make the boss easier to beat?

nah fam. It’s supposed to be hard!

its good but u and da bozz spawn in da middle @InvalidProject99

It was great! (I logged off for 2 months)