Tilemap in Array

I would like to put all my tilemaps into an array to simplify level change code to choose the index of an array based on the level variable similar to how sprites can be put into an array and an index selected at random.


You can use the tilemaps extension.


Thanks @GameGod good to know (I still would like this without an extension)
I did discover this is possible in Javascript without any extensions but breaks going between Javascript and blocks. I would be happy to use a javascript-only project but I am teaching this to my year 8 students.
Another thought it would be good to put tiles in an array to have multiple danger tiles or win blocks without replicating code. I can put tiles into an array but it does not work

It must be one tile - can’t be an array of tiles. Also the event handlers (like that overlap tile block) are usually defined and run before the on start code so it’s still illegal. Best is to make a function called die and set up multiple handlers to call the same function.