Video:Arcade story,Pedersen image import and Breadboarding

Video, code link in description, teaching digital I/O using edge connector with story extension to explain what is happening on the screen and give instructions on button press. Imported police car image via Pedersen utility picture to sprite. Limitless educational opportunities and student engagement with Arcade- TFT screen. We would love to have anyone work with us to build out this system.

Now video driving bot car with Micro:bit that receives strings of commands from Meowbit in Arcade via the SD Wireless chip. For reasons unknown to me the simulator breaks on my computer when I pull code for SD Wireless into the Meowbit Arcade program .The actual images on the Meowbit work well with SD Wireless extension and code blocks but not on the simulator; pulling those blocks out of the program re-activates the simulator on the computer. We would appreciate anyone helping us out with Meowbit and edge-connector as we build out the electronics education project: Arcade + MakeCode Microbit. We use ‘story’ for kids to explain to the viewer what their project is on the Arcade TFT screen. Code for these two programs are in the description of the video.