Tower Defence Update!

Hi everyone, @Primal_Nexus here with my first piece of news about my Tower Defence game in progress!

I’ve decided to create a traffic light system to show the status of the game (while I’m making it), red being standstill for a certain amount of time, amber being a little problem or issue and green is, of course, everything being 'a OK! So, onto the news update…

Game build status: Amber: expect slight issues.
Game release (alpha): Late spring-summer 2021
Other News: Alpha release has been pushed forward due to the school term and for me to brainstorm.

That’s it for now, my next news update will be in mid-late March- feel free to @ mention me at any time to ask or contribute to anything- see you all then!

Whoops everyone!

My fellow coders tell me there are some issues needing smoothing out due to the sudden unreliability of the internet, which, unfortunately, pushes the game progress to the RED LIGHT. I don’t know when the game will come out now, let alone an alpha release, so I will leave you all with a poll to decide what else the tower defence game should be about…

What other elements should I put into the Tower Defence game? (as a priority)
  • More Levels
  • Easter Eggs
  • Music
  • Tilemaps

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Why not use the offline editor then?
[Announcement] New offline app for MakeCode Arcade


Very true @Agent_14 , I’ll try that and hopefully that’ll solve our problems :slight_smile: