New Game in the Works!

Hello @everyone! Just so you know, I have a tower defence game in the works and have literally just started it today! Credit goes to @UnsignedArduino for making a tower defence game and inspiring me! Thank you for welcoming me to the forum (I was recently promoted to Trust Level 1!!!) and I will try to do this game as intricately and quickly as possible, but online lessons will definitely slow it down. I’ll be sure to post regularly with updates, and here’s this one:
Date of alpha release (approximate): mid-March


@Primal_Nexus Nice cant wait to see what it will look like.

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Game name recommendation: Craze

Sorry, completely forgot about this post, this game is on hold until further notice while I finish:

A - My game jam entry
B - My marble cake :slight_smile:

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Mmmmm… marble cake.


You can find some tower defense games in roblox, such as tower defence simulator.

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On second thought, scratch that, the work starts now.

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The marble cake was finished and I now have max IVs (if you know you know).

what about EV’s, which stats did you invest in

lol all of them

A small sneak peek of the usable units in the game

I have made a name for this project but why spoil that now eh?


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Quick question for someone who could help me: How do I make it so that when I click the cursor sprite I have made on a ‘spawn pad’ (so say I press B to spawn a unit) how do I make a menu with options for the units appear and become interactable with?

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great spritework!

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Thanks @TheJaky!

I can help with the options!

riknoll/arcade-custom-menu → create menu (bottom half(recommended)) (grid) with options (and so on)

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Thanks @CyberPulse, I’ll try to do that with my code.

Thanks for the offer @LCProCODER, but the last time I tried to let people help me with projects, it got left behind by other projects, so I don’t want that to happen again. Sorry.

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I understand, it is ok just ask if you really need help and we will try and help.

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