What would be the code if i wanted to make a mario game. where when touching
an item / food, would make him transform into a fiery mario. Change the animation
for like 10 seconds or so. Or when an enemy touches him, the mario sprite
reverts back to original form? SUPER NOOB HERE. LOL

Hey there, welcome!

This is very easy to implement and all you need to do is set 2 variables: 1 for regular and 1 for power-up. In the Game Update block, write:

If regular:
[Character Animations (Extension) blocks for your character]
else if power-up:
[Same Character Animations (Extension) blocks for your character, but a fiery version as you said]

And to implement the mechanics, in the overlap block, write:

set regular = false
set power-up = true
After 10000, (Timer extension block)
set power-up false
set regular true

And in the enemy overlap code, write:

if power-up:
set power-up = false
set regular = true
(deal damage code if you want)
(deal damage code)

The main thing here is that if the power-up variable is true, the regular must be false, and vice versa.

Hope this helps!