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Turtle Monkey Trouble

Considering this my “beta” test release.

Feedback on the game and/or ways to improve is very welcome! Plays on PyGamer too, though the last level is a bit slow.

Used MakeCode’s platformer tutorial on YouTube to build the bulk of this (excellent job with that, by the way!).

Working on and almost finished with a 3D printable Turtle Monkey toy to go along with this (will share link to STL files when they’re ready if that’s your thing).


Oh hey this game is awesome! I love the vines and the dancing crabs. And the story bits are a really nice touch.

Small bits of feedback:

  • I defeated the boss in one jump without any danger, maybe I just got lucky
  • When dying it be nice if you didn’t have to start over from level 1. Maybe instead there could be a score penalty and start on the previous level or something? I kept dying on the last levels, haha. I’m planning on adding this to the Cat Jumper.

By the way, I’m planning part 4 & 5 for the platformer series. Do you have any game features or mechanics that you’d like covered?

The STL files would be a nice too, a few of us do 3D printing here (mostly @jwunderl :P).

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This is amazing! I hope we get a whole turtle monkey franchise

Great suggestions, darzu! Thank you.

Currently the boss only takes one hit, but I would ideally like it to take two to three jumps to take it down. Out of curiosity, which boss did you face? There’s the Gorilla Turtle, and a “secret” one that’s a bit more dangerous…

I really like the idea of the score penalty/start on previous level upon death. I too kept dying on the last level (didn’t want to make it too easy). I will explore that, or refer to future Cat Jumper updates depending on how time allows.

As for other game mechanics to go over, maybe a “dash” mechanic? I tried a bunch of different ways to have Turtle Monkey dash for a second when the B button was pressed, but could not figure out how to execute it. Eventually landed on just increasing the speed you can travel when B button is pressed.

Glad to hear offering STLs would be exciting for more people than myself! I’ll post a direct link once they’re uploaded. You can watch for the files as well.

Thanks again!

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Thank you! I hope to make more Turtle Monkey-centric games… mostly because I’m lazy when it comes to character development. :wink:

Oh I’m pretty sure I fought the Gorilla Turtle. I’ll have to look for the secret boss next time! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you mention dash, that’s something I was thinking about talking about. If you try this version of Cat Jumper (from Arcade homepage):
you can use the “B” button to crouch and charge up a mega jump (fully charged when the tail goes flat). I’m pretty sure I could show that in such a way that it would work as a dash as well.


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Finally had a chance to finish this!

Bosses now take more than one hit to be defeated, and the current level starts over with a score of zero upon loss of life.

3D printable Turtle Monkey action figure is also now available to download!