Usborne Classic Computer Books

Usborne Publishing in the UK has made several of their classic computing books available in electronic format for personal use:

When I was in elementary school, I learned to program from books and magazines very similar to these. In the United States, some of these books were available at local Radio Shack stores.

For those of you who are interested in classic computing, fire up your favorite classic computer (real or emulated) and check out some of these programs. They’re short and fun, and your nostalgia should kick in hard if you worked with these platforms in their prime.

If you’re not into classic computing, you still might want to check out the titles Write Your Own Fantasy Games and Write Your Own Adventure Programs. There is some wonderful information in there about designing and implementing games, regardless of the language you use to create the programs.

Aside from the technical information, they’re pretty books. They’re wonderful examples of books enhancing the programs that they contain.

I fired up my Tandy Color Computer 3 emulator this weekend and keyed in some of these programs. I smiled the entire time.

I’ll port some of the programs over to MakeCode Arcade. Between the programs themselves and the books in which they are printed, perhaps some of these games will inspire you in the same way that these types of books and magazines inspired me when I was a youngster.

Have fun!