Using an external Joystick on RPi Zero/Win10 tablet

Has anyone any experience of plugging in an Xbox 360 controller to use instead of the cardboard button setup. This is mainly to reduce waste.

I would either run the games on a Raspberry Pi Zero W with an Xbox 360 USB controller.

Or I would also be very happy to run the games on a Linx Vision Windows Tablet - which would be an interesting option.

I could also manage with keyboard input.

I don’t mind if I have to modify a local node.js version.

Thank you in advance

P.S. Makecode Arcade looks really interesting…looking forward to python as well…

You can’t use any USB devices with pi zero setup for arcade because we use the USB port for transferring programs.

The controller should work with a web browser on your tablet. If you use Edge then make sure to use the new Chromium-based beta.

Thank you - the Linx Vision controller works straight off in the web browser. It’s best in full screen mode of course.

The display does still show the controls and surround - it would be nice if there were a setting to some way to just show the screen…

Feel free to file a feature request at

@mmoskal Hi! I know this is late but just want to ask/confirm, how about bluetooth controllers like 8bitdo’s raspberry pi compatible ones?

It may work with RPi Zero W, but you will have to modify the image. It is build based on this repo

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