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V2 Speaker and GPIO 0?


When using sound on V2, I am surprised that pin 0 is still getting signal. Is there anyway to disable sound going to pin 0, or is the new speaker on V2 still pin 0?

Students discovered this when an LED plugged into 0 lit up when music played on internal speaker. Doesn’t matter if Play Tone or Play Sound. LED plugged into 0 lights up ;-(
The SetBuiltInSpeaker doesn’t make a difference either way.


The nRF processor’s P0.00 is the speaker pin. See: (so it is one and the same).


Don’t think you can disable the audio output pin but you can select a different pin for audio output , the speaker on the V2 will just play what you send to this pin …

Have a look here …

Hope this help



Thanks for the help! Was hopeful they could release the pin given the built-in speaker

No Problem…

what sort of project are you planning & what number of pins / pin numbers do you envisage using?

If you have just the Micro:Bit then you only have easy access to P0,P1,p2. 3v & GND.

If you need more pins then there are several edge connector adaptors that allow easy access to the full range of pins on the Micro:Bit…

A couple of examples … several others are available



Yes, we already use the breakout from Sparkfun. We are hooking up a Joystick (4 pins), 2 concave buttons, and some LEDs. Cool little remote control to control the Micro:bot, also from Sparkfun. Just a shame to have 0 be useless when a perfectly good speaker is already connected. We are now taking over the A and B button pins to make it all work.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!