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Video:Generic Bluetooth app and code for bot car with Neopixel

This shows Jason Davies’ recent code contribution for Micro Maqueen bot car Bluetooth control with Neopixel . Code in description and this works with both iOS and Android as shown with V1 Microbit. Because we can bolt on Lego Technics parts we now can expand the car to carry electronic parts: sensors and outputs controlled by the Microbit via the DF Robot Maqueen expansion system. From this we could imagine building a Maker Faire proof of concept Mars rover sensing the environment: and for a really cheap cost to the parent/teacher/tutor. This program environment works also with the larger Yahboom Superbit motor driver with many more pinouts and functions.

Video: Mbit app and Microbit now being used at the coffee shop classroom.

Video with code, we have added 5X5 neopixel array called 51bit Colorbit made by Mr Yang and discovered that we can use the Neopixel extension to control it without the RGB Program tool and without the Colorbit extension. I believe in the past this has not been possible until using the Superbit motor-driver. Also, This code and the Mbit bluethooth app do not work with my Android devices but does work with both Microbit V1 and V2 and at least one iOS cell phone: