Video, how to send more than one signal with SD Wireless?

@gbraad , may have an answer for this , anyone else giving help would be appreciated. I have one Arcade game console communicating with another wirelessly. This is to send code to drive a robotic car. I can program one Arcade board to drive the car functions when that board receives a signal from another Arcade board but I need help sending a variety of signals , not only one signal. The code in Arcade that I am using is in the description of the video: Thanks,

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Your code has an onMessage sdMsg block for the receiver. The sdMsg variable there should contain the "0"string you sent from the other program. Have you tried sending different strings, and then checking them in the receiver with if blocks?

@kwx , I have tried “if” blocks and the way that I have it written the code will not compile. I am not using ‘radio’ in the Makecode for Microbit tools but am staying in SD Wireless only. I am not using any of the “send Microbit values” in the SDW extension because that has not worked for me and I am not using Microbit as a receiver. It seems as though On Microbit Value,String and Number should not work either for the same reason: we are communicating from Meowbit to Meowbit. Here is what I tried; maybe there is some different variable I should use ? Thanks for responding.

Make sure you’re using string comparisons for string messages. It looks like your code is comparing a string to a number which isn’t valid.

Use the third comparison operator from the list for strings, and don’t add your own double quotes (they get added automatically):

Screenshot from 2021-03-25 15-39-10

Alternatively, you could convert the message string to a number, and then use numbers for messages:

Screenshot from 2021-03-25 15-41-15

Good luck!

Thanks for the help, @kwx , this is working for me now with your suggestions. I will do a video tomorrow to show my code and reaction of both Meowbits each with an SD Wireless chip.

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Video showing your suggestions working, @kwx , I used Pedersen’s utility to convert UFO image to a sprite and used an old program with Robotbit by Kittenbot so as to drive a bot car once Robotbit is mounted on the bot car frame. Thanks for all your help; from here we should be able to use Arcade to interact with I2C, Servo,Stepper and other motors ; plus introduce analog sensors such as “light sensor” ,temperature and tilt, on the Meowbit via SD Wireless; Thanks again from Frank in Missouri.

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