Village Roleplay Beta-1

Arrow keys to move (like always)
Also exit your home by going to the ↑ arrow block


Nice! But once you exit the house the fruit stops spawning in.

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It’s probably nighttime.

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-Get some wood to sell! (Middle)
-Skip the day by finishing the maze. (Bottom Right)

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-Song added!
-Version on the top right added!

Cool Stuff added
-Next update: make it so you can buy things

@UnsignedArduino @girlwhocode @DahbixLP

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nice game but whenever i wanna sell my rocks even do i don’t have it still gives me money and also sometimes it makes me move by itself and also at the beginning when the loading screen stops it makes a loud loud noise so can you maybe fix it?

  1. Ok. So Pre-2 saves your progress so you probably reset and then selled.
  2. I don’t know how it makes your sprite move on it’s own so let’s just say it’s a bug.
  3. It’s supposed to make a sound (not that loud) so the volume is probably too high.