W1ld : Cats *UPDATE*

Hello! I have fixed some things with the help of @shakao I am wondering if there is any way to destroy only the enemy cat thats health bar is level 0? Since they are just dupicates of each other once 1 is destroyed, all of them are. If you could help that´d be fantastic! : )


*You can only defeat the enemies by holding ¨B¨ down, Glitches when you jump/fall while pressing left


I love this :open_mouth: The trees are so cool!

And yes, you can totally destroy the enemies - in the status bar extension, there is an event “on status bar kind _____ zero _____”, which will give you a status bar when it’s at zero! Since you structured it well for this (having EnemyHealth and Health be different kinds), you can just destroy the sprite attached to the status bar (another block found in the status bar extension).

Here is what I did in your game, it worked for me, but you can try it out! Lemme know if it doesn’t work for you or if you have other questions :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Wow! Thank you so so so much!! This has saved me a LOT of much needed time!!

yay I’m glad!

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Is it possible to make it so the other cats wont spawn until you defeat the first one?

Makes sense what the title to the game should be @Kat. Really nice!

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Hmmm there are different ways to do it depending on what rules you want to set for when the other cats will spawn. If:

  1. You want to spawn them one after another, but only when the hero walks behind a bush:
  • you should add a boolean variable that is true when an enemy already exists in the world. You should check this in your overlaps code, and set it to false when the enemy is destroyed
  1. You want them to just come one after another, no matter where the hero is:
  • you can spawn an enemy at the beginning, and in a "on destroyed of kind ____ " block, spawn another one

It could look something like this, plus calling the “spawn enemy” function in “on start”

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You can infinite jump.

Yes. I have been having some issues with that. How would I go about fixing that?


This kind of code should do it. When you jump, it’s not giving the vy velocity to jump in which is why it never goes down.

Here is the link you can use

The first photo is the before and the second photo is the after


Thanks! Im kinda new to Makecode. The blocks are different from the previous program I used.

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What program have you used previously

Scratch. I like certain things that it has that Makecode doesn´t but I like how Makecode is 8-bit. One feature that Scratch has that I wish Makecode had is the ¨backpack¨. It allows you to take code/sprites from one project to another

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That was to puzzling for me so I found arcade.makecode and it was fun

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I liked how arcade.makecode had javascript and python but I couldn’t find it on scratch tho


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It looks like you need help with the cat images

BTW the Cat images you drew are really good