W1ld : Cats *UPDATE*


Want some help with the images?

You know, with the “Glitches”



I used this piece of code about 6 months ago. Look at the numbers and signs and pictures and at the end, there is the flip image horizontally. when you put it at the end, it will use the images from the top and then run the code to the bottom and use the flip image when the vx is lower than 0.

I hope all that makes sense

I couldn’t find a cat jumping image to the right which is why I just found code from one of my older games

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This is the game about the image. I couldn’t test it out because of my really laggy computer.
I was 11 when I made this game with the images and all that.
Now I’m 14
Made a lot of edits to this game
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Nice! So you´re in 8th grade? Or Freshman?

Eighth grade just starting now
Coding can kill time and it’s not boring at all!

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Sorry, there was a typo
I’m 13
the 4 is next to the 3

Isn’t 13 the age requirement or 14
I can’t remember
What is it makecode team?

What for?

For making an account.
I was 13 when making an account and still 13

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13 is the age requirement for signing up


oh ok good

I find Arcade is much more fun than Scratch, and when someone says your art sucks, you can say I only had 256 pixels to work with (16×16)

And 16 colors :grinning:

Yeah I get ya

You can always change the size tho. Its a lot of fun using makecode tho

max is 512x512